The administrative division of the GSO aims to “firmly establish the orchestra’s brand identity,” and “expand the audience base for classical music” through business projects including: international exchange programs, creation and distribution of original classical music performances, development of art education programs, promotion of audience participation, and member support for GSO musicians.

Administrative Division

Roles Employee Name Responsibilities Phone
General Manager Kim Sungsoo
  • Overall supervision of the administrative division
Artistic Planning Choi Okkyung
  • Mid to long-term concert planning and venue procurement
  • Planning and executing regular concerts and other business projects
  • Planning and executing Visiting Art Troupe events
  • Duties related to chief and associate conductors
  • Securing, signing and managing Korean and international conductors and solo artists
  • Promotion of business projects
  • Duties related to media and advertising agencies
  • Conducting and analyzing audience surveys
  • Website operation and management
  • Website membership and members event management
  • Planning and managing new membership system
  • Publication of monthly newsletter
  • Planning and implementing education programs
Seo Uli
Instrument manager Jeong Seongja
  • Recruitment, workforce evaluation and management
  • Management of tangible and intangible assets, and related insurance management
  • Workplace rules and regulation
  • Allotment, amendment, management of comprehensive budget
Librarian Kim Okjoong
  • Management of music and instruments